Do We Have To Be Married To Participate in Surrogacy?

focus on pregnant woman touching her abdomen with gentlenessSurrogacy is one of the most popular options for those that are unable to conceive or carry a child to term on their own. If you are considering surrogacy, then you probably have a lot of questions, and one of the most important questions is whether or not you have to be married to be eligible for surrogacy.

Fortunately, marriage is not a legal requirement for surrogacy. But there might be extra steps an individual or couple will have to take to be eligible if they are not married.

If you are considering surrogacy in the state of Illinois, Midwest Fertility Law Group is here to ensure that the process is smooth and successful. Our team of Illinois surrogacy lawyers and Chicago fertility lawyers provide all the legal services necessary to navigate the exciting yet complex world of surrogacy.

We can help you in –

  • Legal representation for intended parents, surrogates, or donors in legal agreements
  • Protection of the legal rights of all parties involved
  • Experienced counsel to Agency and Matching Program clients
  • International and domestic surrogacy agreements

Midwest Fertility Law Group has extensive experience with assisted reproductive technology, doctors, agencies, gestational carriers (also known as surrogates), intended parents, and donors. We can provide a Chicago surrogacy lawyer to help you get into surrogacy while ensuring you make no mistakes under surrogacy laws.

Unmarried Couples for Surrogacy

There are many reasons why an individual or couple might be interested in surrogacy. For those suffering from infertility, it can be a viable option. Some people might believe that surrogacy is a service only offered to married couples, but that is not the case. Single Individuals and unmarried couples are eligible to participate in  surrogacy in the state of Illinois. Like married couples, single individuals or unmarried couples need a surrogacy arrangement that protects the rights of all parties involved, from the intended parents and surrogate to the baby.

The Importance of a Strong Surrogacy Agreement

Illinois has some of the most surrogacy-friendly laws in the United States and has become a popular place for surrogacy agreements. Unfortunately, the process can still be complex, which is why working with a Chicago fertility lawyer or an Illinois surrogacy lawyer is necessary.

Protecting Your Rights

There may be some extra-legal steps that an unmarried parent or parents will have to consider. This may involve filing a paternity or parentage action in court to establish their legal rights as parents.

Fortunately, Midwest Fertility Law Group can guide you through this process. In order to avoid legal issues in the future, all parties involved in the agreement should have a clear and comprehensive surrogacy agreement in place.

A strong surrogacy agreement should include an outline of the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved. An effective agreement is crucial in the surrogacy process. Working with an experienced surrogacy attorney ensures all legal requirements are met, and potential issues are identified. Doing so makes the process smooth and straightforward for all parties involved.

International Surrogacy

Midwest Fertility Group serves domestic and international clients. International clients traveling to the U.S. for surrogacy have an increasing number every year, partially due to the surrogacy-friendly laws in many states, including Illinois.

For an international client pursuing surrogacy in the U.S., the process might seem overwhelming, which is why it is essential to work with an experienced lawyer who can walk you through the entire process.

Midwest Fertility Law Group Can Help

The Midwest Fertility Law Group can help you understand the legal requirements involved in traveling to the U.S. and your home country, including complying with international laws and navigating the legal requirements of the U.S. and your home country.

Surrogacy can be a life-changing experience for intended parents, and the laws in Illinois make it a great option for married and unmarried couples. However, the process can be complex, which is why it is crucial to work with an experienced surrogacy lawyer that can guide you through the process.

Whether you are married or unmarried, the Midwest Fertility Law Group is here to help. Do not hesitate to contact us and take the first step towards fulfilling your dream to start or grow your family through surrogacy.