Clinics and Agencies

Midwest Fertility Law Group is dedicated to assisting both hopeful parents and the professionals and businesses which help forge their path towards parenthood.

parents meetingFriendly Legal Perspective

If your clinic or clinical program experiences a unique legal challenge or needs guidance on a legal matter relevant to third-party reproduction, we invite you to call our law offices so that we may assist. ART law is ever-changing, and it is important to ensure that clinic consent and disclosure forms are up to date and appropriately address any legal issues that may potentially arise for clinic patients. We are here to help, and invite all of our clinic partners and professionals to reach out.

Referral Lists for Agency Guided and Independent Journeys

For patients that desire an agency guided journey, we can help. Midwest Fertility Law Group has established relationships with numerous reputable agencies throughout the country. Whether your clients have already chosen an agency, or seek advice in selecting one, we invite you to introduce them to our firm so that we may help guide them on the journey that is right for them.

Independent, private, or non-agency surrogacy and donor journeys require specialized legal considerations. If your patients intend to undertake journeys without the guidance of a reputable agency, we invite you to refer them to our firm for legal guidance. Even independent matches require legal counsel, and often need considerably more legal support than agency guided journeys.

Delivery Hospitals

Thousands of gestational carriers deliver in hospital rooms across the United States each year. Most hospitals do not have legal counsel available who are familiar with the specialized considerations of a surrogacy arrangement and its corresponding legal needs. MWFLG is dedicated to assisting and educating hospital staff on best practices.

Please reach out to our law offices so that we may arrange for an educational conversation with your staff regarding third-party reproduction and surrogacy.

Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agencies and Matching Programs

There are over one hundred and fifty (150) surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the United States. Midwest Fertility Law Group is enthusiastic about supporting reputable agencies across the country and abroad.

Collaborative Legal Strategy

Midwest Fertility Law Group brings experience advising agencies and matching programs concerning the legalities of ART. In order to protect your agency, it is important to have legal counsel experienced in third-party reproduction to periodically review agency agreements, intake forms, benefits packages and so on. Additionally, MWFLG welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with your agency and offer efficient suggestions to streamline the legal process and ensure your clients have a smooth path to legal parenthood.

Attorney Referral for Agency Clients

Midwest Fertility Law Group understands that each agency has its own values and brand promises, not to mention promised timelines. When an agency extends their trust in us in the form of a referral or an invitation to act as legal counsel to their clients, we understand that we have been invited to take a small part in a larger agency experience. While passionately advocating for our clients, we remain sensitive to the overall objective of the agency process and the goals of each specific journey.

Reviewing Attorney Services

For ART lawyers representing intended parent(s) matched with a donor and/or gestational carrier in the Midwest, we are pleased to act as reviewing counsel for those agreements and also handle the resulting parentage action. We know that these matters are time sensitive. We are committed to remaining responsive and working collaboratively and efficiently from start to finish.

Co-Counsel Services

MWFLG ‘s team of dedicated attorneys understand the importance of empowered and informed experiences for all parties. We would be honored to be “The Lawyer’s Lawyer” and assist other attorneys when ART related issues arise in your divorce or estate planning practices.

Nonprofits and Patient Advocacy

MWFLG partners are proud to support the efforts of RESOLVE, Fertility Within Reach, The Cade Foundation, and Tennessee Fertility Advocates among other patient advocacy efforts and organizations. If you are part of an effort to earn affordability or access to family building at the state or federal level, please reach out.

Educational, Media or Research Inquiries

Please email all media requests as well as invitations to collaborate or educate to