Midwest Surrogacy Lawyers

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a surrogate mother bears a child for an intended parent. Some couples will seek pregnancy through a surrogate if they are unable to conceive or safely give birth. If you are an intended parent or an aspiring surrogate, then you can seek help from a third-party agency that provides assistance in legal matters, psychological screenings, medical tests, and deliveries. Should you decide to get involved with surrogacy, you can expect to sign a legal contract in order to secure the rights of the parties involved.

Looking for legal expertise in surrogacy law? At Midwest Fertility Law Group, we have surrogacy lawyers to help guide people through the surrogacy process.

What is Surrogacy Law?

Surrogacy law is a collection of laws that provide  legal recognition to the participants of a surrogacy arrangement. When it comes to surrogate mothers, there is a concern that the surrogate will become attached to the child during or after a gestational period. This can result in situations where the surrogate either tries to keep the child for herself or experiences postpartum depression by relinquishing the rights of the child.

Parental jurisdictions will vary depending on the country or the state that you live in, with some jurisdictions recognizing the genetic mother as the legal parent. To handle these situations, each US state has developed a system designed to protect the child, the intended parents, and the gestational carrier. If you are seeking surrogacy, then you’ll need to consult assisted reproductive technology attorneys to learn what those laws are and how they apply to your situation.

What is a Surrogacy Agreement?

A surrogacy agreement is a contract that clearly defines the terms of the pregnancy and birth of a child. A good contract will give a detailed description of the parental responsibilities, the surrogate’s obligations, and the rights of all the parties involved.

How Our ART Lawyers Will Help You

At Midwest Fertility Law Group, we create surrogacy agreements that protect the rights of the intended parents and the children involved. We also provide consultation services, explaining the law of “green light” states that permit intended parents to be named on birth certificates and “red light” states that prohibit the legal recognition of surrogacy births. Contact the firm at 314-325-7157 to hear more.