What Is the Birth Registry Process?

birth registryThere are about 385,000 babies are born every day around the world. So many miracles to be accounted for. We here at Midwest Fertility Law Group are excited for those families and the future that lies ahead. We work with many different types of families in a variety of situations regarding the birth of their children. We want to ensure all families and their children are protected and are provided the rights they deserve.

We help and inform our clients with the information and steps to take before, during, and after the birth of their child. One step we remind our parents is to follow through with the birth registration process. We want to ensure the child’s birth is registered to receive the rights and protections they deserve.

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What Is Birth Registry?

The birth registry is the process of recording a child’s birth. It is an official record that legally recognizes the child’s identity.

In addition, it is a legal record of the place of birth for the child and their parents. It is the child’s first legal proof of identity, and it needs to obtain a birth certificate.

This document provides other rights to the child, including protection and access to health care services. The government uses data collected from birth registries to determine how to fund immunization and education programs.

The birth registry process is necessary for children born in one country when their parents live or have lived in a different country. For example, the child may need to move to the country where their parents live or have a registration of their birth in the event they want to move to that country. A Chicago fertility lawyer can help you with the birth registration process.

Difference Between Birth Registry and Birth Certificate

Typically, the birth registry and birth certificate are two documentation processes that happen in tandem. However, they are two different documents.

When considering birth certificate vs birth registration, it is important to understand that a birth certificate proves that the birth was registered. The birth registration documents the birth with the government then the birth certificate is issued by the state and given to the parent. Therefore, two processes must occur for each document.

If you have questions about these processes, an Illinois fertility lawyer can assist.

Requirements for Birth Registry Process

To register the birth of a child, the parents or guardians must fill out a birth registration application form. The form may differ based on the particular state or country in which the change is being registered. In Illinois, the child must be registered with the district in which the birth occurred within seven days of the birth.

If you are a United States citizen and your child is born in another country, the birth must be registered at the closest U.S. embassy. If your child is born inside the United States but is a resident of another country, you must fill out the appropriate forms for that country.

In addition to filling out the correct form, you must present proof of the parents’ nationality to that country. You will also need a picture identification such as a driver’s license. Keep in mind also that there is also a fee associated with registering the child’s birth.

Final Thoughts

Birth registration should be a natural right for any child upon birth. If you feel that you need assistance registering your child, contact the Midwest Fertility Law Group.

We can represent parents and intended parents across the United States. We can navigate the process and procedures in each state.

If you are a resident of another country, we can assist you and ensure that your child has United States legal status and citizenship. We know the law and are here to help you through every step of the process. Contact us today to see how we can help you.