How To Pick A Fertility Clinic

How To Pick A Fertility Clinic

doctor talking to her patientIf you’ve been trying to get pregnant for a while without success, you may be thinking about the next step; going to a fertility clinic. At Midwest Fertility Law Group, we know making a decision like which clinic to go to requires some homework. Here, to make this part of your journey a little easier, we provide a list of things to do and look for when picking a fertility clinic.

When should I go to a fertility clinic?

Before we get started, let’s define what a clinic is and how it can help. A fertility clinic is a medical clinic that provides help to couples or individuals who desire to become parents. The couple or person seeking assistance is having difficulty or is unable to naturally conceive. Typically, it’s time to visit a clinic when the mother-to-be is no older than her mid-30s and has been active in the pursuit of motherhood for a year. If the mother-to-be is 36 or older and has been trying for six months, there is no need to wait any longer to make an appointment.

What research should I be doing on fertility clinics?

Before you get going to visit clinics in person, it would behoove you to make an appointment with a Midwest Fertility Lawyer so you can get acquainted with the legal side surrounding the endeavor. This way, you have an idea of the process from a legal stance in regards to parental rights. Once you start putting together clinics, here are some specific points to look for in making your shortlist:

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Success Rates. There is a part of the CDC website that is dedicated to keeping track of the success rates of fertility clinics across the country. On the site, you can get a list of the doctors near you and do a deep dive into how many cycles they’ve been through, how many babies have been born, and a whole lot in between.
  • Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. This website has success rates and a snapshot of the type of procedures done in the particular clinic you are looking into. They also have a litany of other resources on the subject at hand to browse through.
  • Infertility Groups. Whether it be online or in-person, checking out infertility groups can aid in research. Online groups have search options where you can look for specific topics in the forums. This would be an easy place to start looking for local clinics or even post a question for others with experience to answer. It’s likely that someone nearby can provide insight.

How can a Fertility Clinic Attorney help?

Fertility lawyers protect the rights of the parents-to-be when they decide to go down the assisted pregnancy route. With their experience, fertility attorneys can help guide you in the process before, during, and after picking a clinic. Asking a Midwest Fertility Attorney for suggestions would also be fruitful since they work one on one with clinics across the country.

Questions you should ask the fertility clinic:

  1. Which types of procedures are done at this clinic?
  2. Do you have an on-site lab?
  3. How long have the doctors and technicians been at this location?
  4. How long has the director been in the fertility field?
  5. Who decides how many fertilized eggs are placed in the body?
  6. Is there more than one reproductive endocrinologist?
  7. Is there an andrologist or urologist on staff?
  8. Are you a member of the ASRM?
  9. How much should I expect to spend on treatment?
  10. Do you have alternative financing options?

After you’ve done the research, met with a lawyer, and asked questions about the clinics, there are sure to be some standout options. At this point in the process, you might be overwhelmed. Starting fertility treatment is a life-changing decision. It takes time to settle in your mind what you’re doing and feel comfortable with that direction.

Make sure that when you ask the questions you are being heard and actually answered. How professionals treat you in this stage will represent what their continued care will look like. Make sure the clinic you choose has your best interests at heart and makes you feel confident as you move forward.